A lockout tagout safety center, dust and fume collectors and hard hits that fit were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on ISHN.com this week.

Emerson introduces wireless toxic gas monitor to protect personnel at challenging remote locations

Rosemount 928 wireless gas monitor extends toxic gas coverage to costly, difficult-to-access applications

November 16, 2018

In response to the critical need for monitoring of toxic hydrogen sulfide gas in wellheads, tank farms, and other remote locations, Emerson today introduced its first fully integrated wireless gas monitor. The Rosemount™ 928 Wireless Gas Monitor is a fully integrated WirelessHART™ toxic gas monitoring solution.


From Mt. Vernon FR: Fire Retardant vs. Flame Retardant

November 15, 2018

Two of the most searched FR terms in Google are "Fire Retardant Fabric" and "Flame Resistant Fabric." Here's the difference between the two: Flame resistance is the characteristic of a fabric to resist ignition and to self-extinguish if ignited.


Eliminate excuses to cut corners on safety

Check out the NEW LockPoint Video on YouTube

November 15, 2018

Watch how easy it is to assemble and use LockPoint, the new mobile safety center, with our short video! This first-of-its-kind mobile safety center places LOTO equipment in close proximity to machinery which eliminates excuses to cut corners on safety.


With OLFA utility knives, safety is a top priority

November 15, 2018

OLFA’s SK-14 Self-Retracting Safety Knife is 100 percent stainless steel making it fully metal detectable. Flush vents and an open channel design make the SK-14 easy to sanitize and National Sanitation Foundation certified.


All-new AirQuality Sensor optimizes overall efficiency in welding fume extraction

Automated control for the ULT Airtower based on particle concentration

November 14, 2018

ULT LLC recently introduced the all-new AirQuality Sensor. The sensor is constantly monitoring the concentration of particles on the shop floor at 12’ height, adjusting power of the ULT Airtower according to the workload.


From MSA Safety: When it comes to head protection, one size doesn't fit all

How to find the hard hat that fits the job

November 14, 2018

While there are only two recognized classifications of protective helmets that meet ANSI requirements, but there are multiple considerations to take into account when choosing a hard hat that is right for the job.


Dust Hound dust collector is as efficient as cyclones half its size

Fits tight spaces without costly renovations

November 13, 2018

Aerodyne Environmental www.dustcollectorhq.com, a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors and material handling valves, announced its Dust Hound Dust Collector. About 55% as tall as a standard cyclone for the same efficiency and airflow, it more easily fits available space without costly facility and process line renovations. Also, it lowers cost by allowing the smallest size cyclone that will do the job.


Cirrus Research introduces new CR:308/310 sound level meter for the entry-level market

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research are strengthening their range of sound level meters with the CR:308/310, aimed at the entry-level market

November 13, 2018

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research are strengthening their range of sound level meters with the CR:308/310, aimed at the entry-level market. The CR:308/310 is a robust sound level meter ideal for basic noise information, capable of measuring the maximum sound level (LMax) and the sound pressure level (SPL).