Hinged knee pads that grip better, color blocked protective apparel and cutting edge dust removal equipment were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on ISHN.com this week.

The Jet-Kleen™: An efficient solution for dust removal

Safe and effective residue removal without the dangers and costs of compressed air

August 16, 2019

Now you can safely speed up debris removal and workshop maintenance with the Jet-Kleen™ series of high-performance personnel blow-off and de-dusting systems from Specialized Safety Products and A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. The Jet-Kleen series provides fast, safe, and effective removal of residue - such as wood chips, sawdust, fibers, moisture, and particulate matter - from workers, equipment, and work surfaces at a fraction of the cost of compressed air systems.


Radians expands portfolio of RadWear color-blocked apparel

Driven by function and style, color-blocking improves wearability and time in service while enhancing professional image

August 13, 2019

Radians®, a top-tier manufacturer and supplier of quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has significantly expanded their RadWear® apparel line with styles that include black color-blocking. According to Nicole Novick, High-Visibility product manager, “Black color-blocking is a trend driven by both function and style. The black detail is very functional, concealing dirt, stains, and grime, while improving the vest’s wearability and time in service.


Malta Dynamics launches new lightweight Razorback Elite Rescue Harness

August 12, 2019

The Malta Dynamics product line has expanded with the addition of a new line of rescue and retrieval safety harnesses. Featuring a comfortable, lightweight design with breathable padding, the Razorback Elite and Elite MAXX Rescue Harnesses get the job done even when working in confined spaces.