A crane collapse that caused injuries in New York City last summer has resulted in citations against a Missouri-based contractor.

Three construction workers were injured – one critically - when an unsecured mini-crane overturned and fell four stories from an East Harlem worksite on June 25, 2018. The injured included the worker who fell with the crane. The incident occurred during the installation of a curtain wall.

OSHA has cited Western Waterproofing Co. Inc. – doing business as Western Specialty Contractors – for

  • Exposing employees to serious injuries:
  • Not ensuring that the employee assigned to operate the crane was trained, evaluated, and determined competent to operate the equipment;
  • For operating the crane in excess of its rated lifting capacity; and
  • For not verifying that the load being lifted was within the crane's rated lifting capacity.

The St. Louis, Missouri-based contractor faces $155,204 in proposed penalties.

"This employer knowingly put workers at risk by failing to ensure that the crane was operated by a competent person," said Kay Gee, OSHA's Manhattan Area Office Director. "Effective training of employees, knowledge of equipment's limits, and correct operation of equipment are critical to preventing injuries."

The city’s buildings department is investigating.

Separately, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has announced a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with Western and the indictment of the company's project manager and superintendent on criminal charges in connection with the incident.