According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most vulnerable age group to sustain injuries to the hands are inexperienced, recent hires age 19 to 19. In fact, the incidence rate of hand injuries steadily declines as workers get older and more experienced. The 65 and older age group has the lowest incidence rate of hand injuries.

Where – what types of jobs -- do hand injuries most frequently occur? 1) Production; 2) Construction; 3) Installation, maintenance and repair; and 4) transportation and material handling.

Serious injuries to the hands requiring days off from work mostly involve cases where three to five days are lost. The median average for lost-time hand injuries is five days.

What types of injuries are most common to the hands?

1) cuts, lacerations and punctures – with cuts and lacerations far more common than punctures;

2) fractures – although the incidence rate of hand fractures is only a fifth of the rate for cuts and lacerations.