Nitrile gloves that grasp; a wipe made from bamboo that gets rid of paint, grease and oil but that’s easy on the skin; and an insulated hook that helps in the rescue of injured electrical workers were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.


From Camfil APC:

EM Expert removes ultra-fine airborne coolant mists to keep machining operations safe

June 21, 2019

When metalworking fluids are used during machining processes, they generate airborne mists that can pose a health and safety risk to workers. To help facilities ensure a safe work environment and regulatory compliance, Camfil APC offers the EM Expert coolant mist collector. 


New crossovers from Kee Safety® provide safe access over rooftop obstructions

June 20, 2019

Kee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, New York, introduces its new Crossover Safe Access Platforms to provide safe, efficient routes for maintenance, construction, and other personnel when accessing rooftops of flat and low-sloped buildings. Engineered to comply with OSHA safety standards, the new multi-purpose Crossovers feature a Kee® Walk anti-slip modular walkway and platform system with handrails that enables workers to step over piping, HVAC equipment, and other obstructions as well as traverse changes in rooftop levels.


Dirteeze-US launches new trade wipe made from bamboo fibers

June 19, 2019

Dirteeze has now pioneered the new Pro Wipe made from the most renewable fiber source available…bamboo! The Dirteeze Trademate Bamboo Pro Wipes are ideal for removing paint, foam adhesives, oil, grease and more. They are easy on your skin and can be used on hands, tools or equipment.


Malta Dynamics launches new Edgehog leading edge self-retracting lifelines

June 18, 2019

After months of engineering and extensive testing, Malta Dynamics is pleased to announce its new Edgehog Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifelines. The Edgehog line meets ANSI standard Z359.14-2014 for a worker capacity range of 130-310 lbs. “A leading edge self-retracting lifeline can be critical,” Malta Dynamics President Holland said. “If a worker goes over an edge, as the self-retracting lifeline contacts the edge and comes over, there is a potential the cable could break if it's not specifically designed for leading edge use.”


Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. launches transformative new Voltgard® RESCUE-8T Telescopic insulated rescue body hook

June 18, 2019

Emergency rescue workers everywhere have a new reason to get hooked on Voltgard® Electrical Safety products with the arrival of the new Saf-T-Gard® Voltgard® RESCUE-8T Telescopic Insulated Rescue Body Hook. Showcasing an innovative telescopic handle design, the RESCUE 8T extends up to 8’ for the emergency rescue of injured personnel and collapses to an overall length of 43”.


Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces KleenGuard Kraken Grip Nitrile Gloves

June 17, 2019

Busy workers don’t have time for gloves that require frequent changeouts or don’t enable them to feel, grip and move freely. The solution? New KleenGuard Kraken Grip Nitrile Gloves from Kimberly-Clark Professional. Inspired by a legendary sea creature with a powerful grasp, these fully textured gloves help boost safety and performance by delivering strength and durability along with a reliable wet or dry grip. Plus, they’re recyclable through The RightCycle Program.