Devices to help prevent collisions and seal loading dock environments and a powerful portable light were among the top safety products featured recently on

Collision Sentry® Corner Pro

Collision warning systems just got better

Sentry Protection Products is pleased to announce the pending launch of the Collision Sentry® Corner Pro, the latest model in the company’s evolutionary line of collision warning systems. Product availability is expected mid-December.

Streamlight® introduces USB rechargeable FlipMateTM

Rotating bar provides area lighting and color matching

Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, launched the compact and powerful FlipMateTM, a USB rechargeable light with a blade that rotates 270 degrees on its body to provide area lighting as well as color matching. Offering four lighting options, the new light delivers up to 500 lumens.

Connected technology is a game-changer

High-performance impact

Traditionally, safety departments get opinions and guesses thrown at them, says Stinson. There may be a hazard. Equipment doesn’t seem to be working. “Now you have objective data all mapped out. It’s very important that this is objective data, so you know for a fact that a part of plant is leaking. It’s a fact, not a suspicion,” he says.

Innovative dock shelter creates an eclipse at the loading dock

The improved Eclipse® shelter blocks daylight and seals gaps at the loading dock, creating a new industry standard for sealing efficiency

Rite-Hite introduces improvements to the Eclipse shelter, the first system to block light and seal gaps where previous enclosures have failed, providing a dark, environmentally-secure dock. “Loading dock enclosures are designed to create a barrier between interior and exterior environments,” says Kyle Justice, Product Manager. “But, even the best seals and shelters sometimes leave gaps. Gaps allow contaminants to enter your facility and expensive energy to escape.”