On January 6, hazardous materials training and consulting leader Lion Technology Inc. launched an online store to offer hazmat shipping labels and placards.

At Lion.com/Products shippers will now find hazmat labels and placards for each DOT Hazard Class/Division, 1—9. New lithium battery marks and labels required as of January 1, 2019 are also available in the new online store, along with hazmat labels for limited quantities, Cargo Aircraft Only shipments, marine pollutants, temperature sensitive goods, magnetized materials, and much more.

“At Lion, our prime objective has always been to simplify regulatory compliance for industry professionals. By offering hazmat labels and placards, we’ve made Lion.com a one-stop-shop for the hazmat training, consulting, and products that shippers need,” Lion President Tammy Kent says about the grand opening of the online store.

The labels and placards Lion offers are made from durable, weather-resistant materials to withstand the rigors of transport. Printed with fade-resistant, ultraviolet inks, these labels and placards will remain bright, noticeable, and compliant throughout the supply chain.

Hazmat labels are available in rolls of 500 at Lion.com/Labels. Pricing ranges from $16.50 per roll to $28 per roll, depending on volume ordered.

Hazmat placards are available in packs of 25 at Lion.com/Placards. Pricing ranges from $13 per pack to $17.50 per pack, depending on volume ordered.

The Importance of Hazmat Labels and Placards

Hazmat labels and placards play a monumental role in the safe transportation of hazardous materials. In the United States, the 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) require hazmat shippers to properly mark and label all packages containing regulated materials. Proper hazmat labels are also mandatory under international requirements like the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (for air shipments) and the IMDG Code (for vessel shipments).

Hazmat labels and placards inform employees, emergency responders, and supply chain partners about the hazards of the materials in a box, tank, drum, or other package. In an emergency, this information is critical to help responders protect themselves, plan their response, and effectively bring the hazard under control.

In addition to hazmat training required by law, using the right hazmat labels and placards is critical to avoid shipping delays, rejected shipments, and US DOT civil penalties now as high as $81,993 per day, per violation.