Lion TechnologyLion Technology Inc., a leader in regulatory compliance training for 40+ years, recently launched of a suite of consulting services to empower industry professionals to achieve more with their environmental and hazardous materials compliance efforts

“Now, industry professionals can leverage our regulatory expertise to optimize their time and focus on creating value for their organizations,” says Lion President Tammy Kent.

EHS professionals today are expected to take on more responsibility than ever before. Where in the past the roles of environmental, safety, and hazardous materials compliance were spread across an organization, increasingly those responsibilities rest on the shoulders of fewer and fewer individuals, even in large firms.

To simplify environmental and hazardous materials compliance for these professionals, Lion now offers four distinct consulting services:

Hazmat and Hazardous Waste Site Assessments

Lion will send a regulatory expert to any site to review hazardous materials and/or RCRA facility compliance. An overall compliance check-up can identify gaps in institutional knowledge or day-to-day procedures. When the assessment is complete, Lion leads an informal debrief session to identify findings, make recommendations, and answer questions.

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Hazmat and Hazardous Waste Classification

When shipping hazardous materials and managing hazardous waste, the first step in the process is one of the most difficult. To select the proper packaging or container and properly mark, label, and manage the material, facilities must first know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Lion will review and confirm hazardous materials and hazardous waste classifications to ensure safe transportation of dangerous goods and proper management and disposal of hazardous wastes.

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Hazmat Shipping Guides

Lion can create step-by-step shipping guides that hazmat employees can follow to properly package, mark, label, and handle hazardous materials shipments. The guide(s) can be specific to a single hazardous material or group of materials to meet the client’s needs. 

By combining applicable hazardous materials regulatory requirements in an easy-to-follow guide, employers can efficiently formalize their shipping procedures and ensure each package is prepared and offered properly, safely, and on-time. 

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EHS Compliance and Reporting Assistance

Reporting, recordkeeping, and planning are some of the most complex and time-consuming responsibilities for EHS compliance managers. Lion can now assist with RCRA biennial reporting, contingency plans, hazardous waste ID records, EPCRA TRI or Tier 2 reporting, TSCA Chemical Data Reporting (CDR), greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, and more.

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Businesses that foster effective environmental and hazardous materials compliance programs not only pay fewer fines and penalties to regulatory agencies, they are better prepared for emergencies and better protected against civil suits, insurance claims, and other external costs.

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