ESC Services, Inc., headquartered in Franklin, WI, launched a new, more robust online store, making theirlockout-tagoutproducts available to customers anytime, anywhere.

Customers can purchase graphical identification tags to enhance any lockout-tagout program. Each tag is specially created using a proprietary thermal bonding system in a 40-ton injection molding press and custom die. This process ensures the highest of quality as opposed to other peel-away sticker tags on the market that may lack proper adhesion, potentially jeopardizing safety and performance.

“Unlike other safety sites that will sell anything to anyone, ESC believes in only offering premium quality products to complement the high level of service we strive to provide,” said Jimi Michalscheck, CEO, ESC Services, Inc. “Our exclusive lockout-tagout product list is a dynamic offering that will evolve as new technology and products emerge.”

Because ESC Services, Inc. believes in quality and performance, it has no allegiance to any particular manufacturer, guaranteeing the highest quality products in its online store.

In addition to graphical tags and locks, the online store also sells lockout-tagout devices such as quick disconnect devices, gate valves, universal plug devices, and many other lockout-tagout products.

The online store can be found  All major credit cards are accepted.

About ESC Services

ESC Services, Inc. is an engineering firm with a core purpose and passion for lockout-tagout compliance. Founded in 2003, ESC is the largest provider of graphical lockout-tagout procedures in the world with an output exceeding 30,000 procedures annually. for more information on their lockout-tagout approach.