Jay CollertThe Team is back together again! Jay has worked with Michael and Joe to provide the highest quality environmental training for almost 30 years. Jay, Michael and Joe have conducted hundreds of EH&S training sessions starting at Government Institutes and then continuing at ABS Consulting, Aarcher Institute and EPA Alliance. Together, we have trained thousands of emerging and experienced environmental professionals providing them with the knowledge and skills to manage environmental programs for large and small companies & the United States Government. We pride ourselves in always Putting Our Students First™, which we believe is reflected in the OUTSTANDING evaluations that we consistently receive for our environmental training courses.

OSE Training Group is expanding our course offerings in 2020 to include the Advanced Environmental Bootcamp, Environmental Negotiations Skills Workshop, SPCC/Tanks Training, and an Advanced Clean Air Act Course. First up, Jay will be offering his well-received ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL BOOTCAMP in Hilton Head Island this summer. Look for updated information on our website at https://owensantarellatraining.com or the link below. Michael and Joe are proud that Jay has joined the OSE Training Group and look forward to working with him again!!!

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