Replacement filters for dust collectors, a powerful penlight and disposable foam ear plugs were among this week’s top products of the week.


Protective Industrial Products, Inc. launches new line of disposable ear plugs

February 28, 2020

Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (“PIP”), a leading supplier of hand protection and general safety products, announces the launch of a comprehensive lineup of disposable ear plugs. The launch of this new product line represents PIP’s all-out foray into the manufacturing of hearing protection, specifically, disposable foam ear plugs.


Streamlight® upgrades Stylus Pro® USB penlight

USB rechargeable now delivers 350 lumens

February 27, 2020

Streamlight® Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance lighting, launched a new version of its Stylus Pro® USB penlight. The light now delivers 350 lumens and features a slimmer, matte black body with a forward-sliding protective sleeve for the micro USB port.


New Pig introduces line of Water Absorbent Mat Pads

February 26, 2020

New Pig has introduced a line of PIG Water Absorbent Mat Pads specifically designed to instantly soak up small pools and puddles of water caused by weather events, system breakdowns, spills, condensation, container overflows and more. The mats pull in large volumes of water to help prevent equipment and structure damage as well as slip and fall injuries.