eCompliance, the number one software for strengthening safety culture, launches a revamped version of Field iD on Mobile. Field iD is a mobile app used to inspect assets, equipment, and PPE ensuring it is safe and efficient use across thousands of worksites every day. Releasing to the public today, Field iD 4.0 will provide a fast, powerful, and reliable mobile app to perform inspections in volume and create custom real-time reporting.

To help hazardous industries as they navigate COVID-19 and adjust to new workplace environments, Field iD will be providing new customers with three months free when they sign-up for one year or more. Users will gain access to the entire software capabilities to assist in keeping their front-lines safe and to create a proactive safety culture for their future.

With this new update, features include:

  • View, navigate, and search for places and divisions
  • Search for assets within a specific place, or globally, with Search Builder
  • View and link assets: events completed on an asset, owner & assignee, and attributes
  • Perform events on assets: attach observations, recommendations, photos, etc.
  • Submit events and save it to the cloud
  • Identify and edit existing assets
  • Enhanced RFID and Barcode Scanning
  • Create event schedules to occur on assets in the future
  • My Work Dashboard

“Our team is thrilled to be releasing the newest version of Field iD to the market to further protect front-line workers, “ says Harish Pandian, Director of Product, eCompliance. “The newest developments are fast, simple, and intuitive to the users on the front-lines. We’ve paid attention to what our customers have asked for and that is a completely revamped user experience built for the future. Teams will now be able to inspect assets in volume which is a big game-changer for our industry. Our goal was to change the experience for the better for our end users and this development does exactly that.”

Field iD allows users to work offline, create customized reports and dashboards, and allows customers to login and see specific assets and inspections based on preference. The upgrade takes into account the desire to be easy-to-use, simple to configure and set-up, and is highly reliable. With UX performance and memory updates, faster start times, faster load times, this newly revamped update will assist any business in preventing asset-related injuries and proactively report on asset quality.

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