ISHN interviews ASSP President-Elect Deb Roy in this episode of Dave Johnson’s Wide World of Safety.

Roy rejoined the ASSP Board of Directors in 2018 after serving as a director-at-large from 2015-17. She is president of SafeTech Consultants Inc., providing safety consulting for global clients. Roy has more than 35 years of occupational safety and health experience and is past corporate director of health, safety and wellness at L.L.Bean. Roy will be Society president in 2020-21.


ASSP’s Deb Roy discusses her EHS career and business savvy

Roy discusses her EHS career arc and how she acquired business savvy over the years. She also goes into detail about the unique culture of LL Bean, where Deb was Corporate Director of Health, Safety and Wellness. “My extroverted style was too much for” the introverted management at L.L. Bean, she says, so she adapted and learned. Roy says she’s picked up a lot of skills from people she’s worked with in her various leadership roles and at her own firm, SafeTech Consultants, Inc.

As a corporate executive at L.L.Bean, Roy’s innovative approach to safety resulted in the implementation of safety management systems at seven sites in seven years, significantly improving injury rates and reducing costs. She was honored as an ASSP Fellow in 2018 for her significant contributions to the OSH profession.