Honeywell announced a complete, modular software solution to help industrial companies enforce compliance with key health and safety requirements as their employees returning to the workplace, including body temperature checks and automated entry management processes. 

Leveraging Digitized Workforce Management with real-time location functionality, the solution facilitates site monitoring compliance in accordance with social distancing policies and enables contact tracing and monitoring of worker safety. It also includes remote collaboration capabilities to empower company operations with a reduced workforce.

As part of a broader Plant & Personnel Safety portfolio, Honeywell Digitized Workforce Management - Business Continuity and Response solution combines software and hardware technology to support return to work and transition to operations.

The system can support Honeywell thermal cameras that can be used with systems compliant with NDAA 2019, Section 889 to check for elevated body temperatures and provide input to the access control system. This can enable operators to restrict entryway access if an elevated temperature is detected helping to automate the preliminary screening process and reducing manual tasks. This helps to optimize the individual and collective risk profiles of the workforce. Digitizing the entryway approval workflow for visitors and returning employees and contractors enables organizations to onboard the workforce  efficiently, leveraging workforce management and access control into a new layer of protection.  

“These new layers of protection help industrial companies bring their workforce back to work with greater protections, at the appropriate time,” said Pierre Van Neste, global director of sales, Plant & Personal Safety, Honeywell Process Solutions. “These protections don’t just provide utility here and now – they give workers, businesses and industry alike a broader solution for preparedness and situational awareness in the future.”

Honeywell’s integrated safety and security solutions with digitized workforce management software creates scalable support services for clients to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission within their workplace while enabling business continuity and accelerating a managed return to safe operations.

For more information, please visit Honeywell’s Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions.