ORLANDO, FLORIDA — OCTOBER 22, 2012 — Honeywell Safety Productstoday announced a host of new, innovative safety products — across a wide range of applications — to help safety managers build an enduring culture of safety that minimizes injuries and maintains a more protective and productive workplace. The products were introduced at the opening of the 2012 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo in Orlando, Florida.

“A culture of safety exists when safety managers inspire workers to change their behaviors and make safe choices on their own for their own protection — as well as that of their friends and co-workers,” said John Montigny, Chief Marketing Officer, Honeywell Safety Products.

Studies have shown that an enduring culture of safety can be the most cost-effective and proven accident-prevention process — by avoiding workplace safety incidents before they occur, reducing the risk of injury, cutting incident rates, and improving productivity.

“In pursuit of that critical goal, today at NSC, Honeywell Safety Products is introducing new stylish, comfortable, high-performance personal protective equipment (PPE) that employees will want to wear and that meet the most stringent regulations. In addition, we are announcing the availability of new behavior-based safety education resources designed to encourage the proper use of PPE and the adoption of safe workplace cultures,” Montigny said.

The products and solutions announced today include:

  • The new Miller® AirCore™ Harness, which combines comfort features with functional components. The full-body harness is designed for a worker’s ultimate comfort and safety. Features include breathable, open-core padding technology; patented DuraFlex® stretchable webbing; easy, one-hand adjustment shoulder cam buckles; a stand-up back d-ring; a quick-connect chest buckle; and more. For more information: http://www.millerfallprotection.com/aircore.
  • Miller’s Fall Clearance Calculator. The new interactive tool enables managers and workers to calculate critical safety information — such as fall clearance and swing fall — anywhere and anytime via a computer, smart phone or tablet. Importantly, the Calculator can be used with any brand of fall protection equipment. It is available on the Web at: http://www.millerfallprotection.com/fallclearance.
  • The new Miller MightyLite™ Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline. The Lifeline is designed to protect a worker if a fall occurs that involves going over an edge. The MightyLite LE SRL features a shock absorber integrated into the lifeline, lowering fall arrest forces. For more information: http://www.millerfallprotection.com.
  • The newultra-lightweight Uvex®Carbonvision™ wide-view safety goggle, which promotes a safer workplace by improving worker comfort, protection and productivity. The style’s proprietary Uvex Dura-streme dual lens coating ensures maximum anti-scratch and anti-fog properties for longer lens life, clear vision, and improved worker protection from impact, dust and airborne particles, and chemical splash hazards — even in demanding environments. For more information:http://www.uvex.us.
  • The new Honeywell Eyelation™ program that makes enterprisewide prescription safety eyewear management easy, affordable, and effective. The automated system features onsite, Web-enabled, touchscreen kiosks that allow end-users 24/7 access to fit, select, and order prescription safety eyewear. The program delivers exceptional value to safety managers and human resources professionals who manage the traditionally labor-intense prescription safety eyewear benefit. For more information: http://www.HoneywellSafety.com/Eyelation.
  • North®’s new lower-profile respiratory cartridgesand cartridge/filter combinations, which feature a sleek design that expands a worker’s field of vision and reduces the risk of catching or snagging in tight spaces. Re-engineered inhalation ports make fit-testing for workers with smaller hands easier. Threaded connectors tighten securely for long service life and unwavering reliability. For more information: http://www.northsafety.com.
  • Honeywell’s presentation of Oliver, a brand with more than 125 years of expertise in manufacturing premium safety footwear. Oliver work boots are well known in the mining, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and heavy metal fabrication industries. Oliver boots are engineered with premium full grain leathers and market leading technologies to ensure top-performance, longevity, and all day comfort. For more information: http://www.oliversafetyboots.com.
  • Honeywell Safety Products’ innovativeLead Them to Safetyinitiative which provides managers with a wide range of culture of safety-focused best practices, tools, resources, advice, and research — drawn from expert sources around the world. The Initiative is based on the Web at http://www.honeywellsafety.com/culture.

For more information, visit Honeywell Safety Products at the 2012 NSC Congress & Expo at Booth #1627 and Booth #181. Visit Honeywell Safety’s website at http://www.honeywellsafety.com.

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