With less than 150 days left in 2020, have you started to plan for 2021? Are you discussing budget plans? Strategy for 2021 and beyond? What about your safety program? Has the big question come up?

“Do we need an EHS software solution?” Simply put, if there is a software solution that can help protect your workforce and prevent workplace incidents, the answer is yes. But let’s really evaluated why it is important to invest in a safety software:

Here are the top 3 reasons why your organization, and namely your safety program, should invest in an EHS software in 2021:


Digital organization

Cabinets full of files and forms, and endless piles of paper. If this doesn’t send shivers down your spine, I’m not sure what does. When your team must manually file, report, and send out documents – all written by hand – it becomes daunting and generally mundane. When this is your process, day in and day out, team members become inundated and may feel highly unsatisfied with their workplace duties.

Insert: EHS software.

With a safety software solution, teams can host, track, communicate data, create reports, perform hazard assessments, and much more – all with a few clicks on a mobile device. Depending on the software you choose, these may vary, but pay mind to what your front-line workforce needs. These software solutions also capture data and help drive proactive safety strategies across your organization, not only will this centralize all safety data, submissions and track inputs, it will simplify the processes across the board, and it will help boost productivity and empower your employees to do other important tasks that they never had time to do before.

Centralizing and digitizing all documents will make it much easier for team members, or external auditors, to find what they are looking for. Imagine being able to pull up a document, written months ago, in a matter of seconds. With an EHS software, workers can finally get out from behind towering piles of paper, and back onto the field faster.


The importance of safety

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that safety deserves a seat at the table. The safety of our front-line workforce is imperative, and we must do what we can to prevent any injuries both physically and mentally. COVID-19 sent global shockwaves and affected every aspect of our livelihood and more specifically, the front-line workforce. It is time we move beyond the slogans and practice what we preach.

An EHS software solution can help bridge the communication gap between the executive team and the frontlines, making a positively drastic difference in the transparency and confidence felt by both ends of the workforce, and in turn your culture will improve. We are not just talking about how friendly people are with each other and saying, “great job.” It is more than that. It is building and reinforcing a culture where team members from both ends feel supported and confident in the work they do. More importantly, they can see the difference they make in their own lives and the lives of their team when each worker is able to go home safety at the end of the day.


In summary

As we move closer towards the end of 2020, it is imperative for businesses to understand what they need to focus on to improve their safety procedures and protocols to help avoid what has happened earlier this year. Take the time to evaluate your team’s processes, their mental health, your data collection, and communication methods between different members of the business and look at options to help simplify safety across your organization.

As you march towards 2021, make safety a priority every day and evaluate EHS software solutions. Your safety team and your organization will be better for it.