VelocityEHS announced the launch of a new global chemical & OEL database as part of a major enhancement to its Industrial Hygiene (IH) software solution. The database makes it easier to track and manage workplace stressors and occupational exposure limits (OELs) across virtually all locations and regulatory jurisdictions. Companies with any level of IH expertise can now access the advanced regulatory intelligence needed to drive compliance and achieve the highest standards of workplace health and safety.

VelocityEHS’ new proprietary database gives EHS professionals the ability to select from a growing list of over 1,700 unique workplace chemical and physical stressors, and more than 15,000 harmonized global OELs. This includes OELs from international standards like ACGIH TLVs, NIOSH RELs, OSHA PELs, German MAKs, and Australian Workplace Exposure Standards (WES).

Quarterly database updates ensure stressors and OELs are consistent with the latest regulatory requirements, and eliminate the need for companies to build and maintain custom lists of stressors for each of their facilities. With the launch of its new global chemical OEL database, in addition to other new features to its Industrial Hygiene software, VelocityEHS has dramatically simplified and reduced the time it takes to implement an IH program and at the same time, enable its customers to adapt to changing workplace hazards and regulatory requirements.  

“The new OEL database is a game changer. On the surface, maintaining your list of stressors and OELs might sound simple. But in reality, the sheer volume of data and variations in chemical names and classifications makes it extremely difficult to pull off manually,” said Dave Risi, CIH, CSP, Director of Industrial Hygiene Solutions at VelocityEHS. “I can’t tell you how many times in my nearly 30-years as a Certified Industrial Hygienist I wished this database had existed. Many software providers have attempted and failed, but we cracked the code. We’ve kept pushing because we believe it is imperative to the success of our customers.”

Prior to the release of the VelocityEHS OEL database, determining which workplace stressors and corresponding OELs a company needed to monitor and sample meant hours of tedious digging through OEL lists and regulations, and then manually entering the information into spreadsheets and software not specifically designed for the job. To make matters worse, OELs around the globe are frequently updated requiring additional rounds of digging, analysis, and manual data entry. All that’s now required is to simply select from a curated list of auto-updated stressors and OELs that is built right into the Industrial Hygiene solution.   

The Global Chemical & OEL Database is just one of the powerful, innovative features included in VelocityEHS’ comprehensive Industrial Hygiene solution. Designed and built by Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) to help users maintain AIHA and global best-practice IH programs, VelocityEHS Industrial Hygiene includes Respirator Fit Testing, IH Sample & Equipment Management, Medical Surveillance and IH Program Management. To learn more about how VelocityEHS can help simplify and streamline your industrial hygiene program, visit

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