Ventis® Pro5 with Cellular Connectivity

Category: 5/6 Sensor Multi-Gas Portables

With the Ventis® Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor, choose how your teams connect. A new battery adds future-proof cellular connectivity to existing wi-fi, satellite, and peer-to-peer connectivity options, making the Ventis Pro5 the most flexible connected gas monitor on the market. This makes it easy to improve safety for workers across an entire site.

Industrial Scientific Corp.

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MPS Flammable Gas Sensor

Category: Multi-Gas Monitors

NevadaNano’s Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS) Flammable Gas sensor is powering the next generation of combustible gas detection. The MPS delivers unprecedented reliability, accuracy, and worker safety by simultaneously detecting over a dozen of the most common combustible gases, including Hydrogen. We call this TrueLEL™. No other sensor can accurately report 0-100% LEL across over a dozen different gases with just one factory calibration, the MPS never requires field calibration.


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