Making the rounds at this year’s major safety, health and environmental trade shows — the American Society of Safety Engineers’ Professional Development Conference, the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo, and the National Safety Congress — it is clear this is no longer your father’s (or mother’s) EHS field.

Every facet of the field is changing due to technological advances, modern electronics, and fabric innovations. And Industrial Safety & Hygiene News’ 2020 EHS Buyers’ & Resource Guide captures everything new in the field you need to know about. PPE is lighter and more durable. High-visibility clothing is more versatile and comfortable. Gloves use new cut-resistant materials that also offer flexibility. FR fabrics are lighter, more supple, and are being designed for wider applications. Fall protection is more ergonomically fitted to users, offered as complete systems, and designed for new applications such as wind power farms.

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Safety training has gone far beyond the one-off DVD. Online training systems offer libraries full of courses easily accessible, creating virtual EHS campuses. Plus, data analytics now allow you to track trainees, their skill levels, safe and at-risk behaviors, and also allow you to evaluate recordkeeping and near-miss reporting to find and fix hazards.

Gas and vapor instrumentation is getting both smaller and smarter thanks to electronics. Wireless communication between detectors is stretching the bounds of exposure coverage.

Search for the products you are looking for in this guide by manufacturers, distributors, and associations. Scan the ad index for suppliers, too. Keep this buyers guide close by so when the need arises, you can take advantage of the many innovations that have come to the EHS field in recent years.

— Dave Johnson, ISHN Editor