As with most professions that do not involve a four-year college, work in the skilled trades is often looked at as an unviable long-term career path. Brian Ciciora, founder and CEO of the performance workwear company Truewerk, is looking to change that narrative and empower new segments of workers to join the skilled trades.

Ciciora says the language we use to describe the industry is very important, as using certain words can have different connotations. When describing Truewerk’s new workwear products, using the phrase “women’s fit” as opposed to “women’s line” shows consumers that the products are the same cut and quality, just fitted for women. Ciciora emphasizes that professionalism does not have to hinder clothing performance and the same high quality fabrics and designs can be used to make clothes for both men and women.

At Truewerk, they say life in the skilled trades is “trading up.” From plumbers to electricians to carpenters, Ciciora stresses that the skilled trades are full of essential workers and urges young men and women to join this “multi-faceted” and “vibrant” community.

Brian Ciciora is the founder and CEO of Truewerk, a company focused on keeping today's contractors safe, comfortable and looking sharp in the workplace.