Little Giant Ladders® is pleased to announce its participation in the Fifth Annual National Ladder Safety Month to be held this month.

“Helping people get home safely is why we come to work each day,” said Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladders. “Ladder Safety Month is a time we can focus more on sharing the message of preventing injuries and saving lives. We hope that by sharing how to work at height safely, we can help people return home safely to their families.”


Safety and Social Media

The goal for Ladder Safety Month this year is to promote safety to those who use ladders regularly as part of their job. To encourage safety, Little Giant Ladders will share content with a safety spin across its social media channels and on its blog.

Additionally, to promote those who work in the trades, Little Giant Ladders will have a series about women working in the trades, in connection to Ladder Safety Month and International Women’s Day.

“Women are making waves in the trades,” said Addison Black, social media manager. “We are excited to share the stories of the women who are making a difference in their communities – how they chose their trade, how they stay safe on the job and what they enjoy about being a part of the trades and how they are bringing safety to the job.”

Ladder Safety Training

Dave Francis, national safety director for Little Giant Ladders, and Little Giant sales reps will provide complimentary ladder safety training with a certificate of completion. To register for a training, reach out to your Little Giant representative.

Additionally, Dave Francis will be featured as a guest speaker as a part of the Ladder Safety Symposium held by the OSHA Education Center at the University of Texas at Arlington on March 16th at 11:55 am CST. He will train health and safety officers on how to choose, inspect and safely use their ladders on the job. The training will be broadcast via Zoom from the Little Giant Live studios. To join the training on the 16th, visit this link

Ladder Safety Month Official Sponsorship

Little Giant Ladders is an official sponsor of Ladder Safety Month and the American Ladder. As a supporting partner, Little Giant is joining other companies who care about ladder safety. Little Giant Ladders has been participating in Ladder Safety Month since it began in 2017. To learn more about Ladder Safety Month, visit the Ladder Safety Institute’s website.


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