To simplify PPE product selection for distributors, safety professionals and customers, Kimberly-Clark Professional has enhanced its interactive, online product selection tools.

The Product Selection Tool, Chemical Resistance Database and Interactive Virtual Model, known as “Symbiosis Man,” work in tandem to help customers evaluate, choose and “try on” selections from the KleenGuard brand portfolio of comfortable and stylish protective gear.

“PPE selection can be a daunting process,” said Randy Kates, general manager of the Kimberly-Clark Professional Safety Business. “These tools are designed to work together to make the process simpler, easier and more user-friendly.”

The Product Selector Tool can now be used to select a full ensemble of PPE, including apparel, gloves, respirators and eyewear. Using key product attributes and information about workplace hazards, it assists safety professionals in making PPE decisions.

The Product Selector Tool is linked to the Chemical Resistance Database, a fully searchable database (by type of PPE, chemicals and even by a partial chemical name) that provides safety information for each chemical, describes how Kimberly-Clark Professional products tested against the chemicals and offers printable data pages for each Kimberly-Clark Professional product. Chemical barrier data can be accessed easily and in the format desired by the user.

Both the Product Selector Tool and Chemical Resistance Database are now linked to Symbiosis Man, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s virtual interactive model via a selection cart. After working through the selection criteria for their application, the safety professional can view their selected ensemble on Symbiosis Man before purchase. This tool helps users, choosers and distributors select products based on a range of application criteria such as: the typical uses (electronics assembly, small parts handling, chemical handing), the type of PPE needed (general protection, chemical protection and specialty protection), and the level of protection required.

Both front and back views are available so users can get a clear image of how the products actually look and fit on someone. The safety professional can see how the gear will work together before purchase and check for incompatibility. Symbiosis Man also allows users to e-mail a picture of the proper PPE ensemble or print it out to use as a training aid for employees.

The Product Selector Tool and Chemical Resistance Database can be found Symbiosis Man is also located as a stand-alone tool

For more information about these interactive tools or KleenGuard brand products, visitwww.kc-safety.comor call 1-800-255-6401.