Kimberly-Clark Professional is not only incorporating its “Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow” sustainability message into every aspect of its operations, it is taking it to the streets, according to a recent company press release.

Hybrid vehicles emblazoned with the Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow logo and the message “It’s good to recycle. It’s time to reduce.” can be seen on roads and highways throughout the United States and Canada.

Driven by members of the Kimberly-Clark Professional sales force, the vehicles serve a dual purpose — transporting products and samples to customers and spreading the word about the Kimberly-Clark Professional bigger-picture approach to environmental sustainability. And the Toyota Highlander Hybrids, with their improved fuel economy, are symbolic of Kimberly-Clark Professional’s focus on source reduction. They are currently being used in San Francisco; Baltimore; Gig Harbor, Wash.; Quincy, Mass.; Toronto; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

“This is another way for us to communicate our sustainability message to as many people as possible, while providing our sales reps with a vehicle that is large enough to carry their supplies, yet more fuel-efficient than the vehicles they typically drive,” said Kevin McVeigh, associate marketing director, Sustainability North America for Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow represents Kimberly-Clark Professional’s focus on reducing the use of natural resources throughout the life cycle of its products. This big-picture approach helps the company design products to eliminate waste from the start. And products created with source-reduction in mind are designed in such a way that users actually consume less, either through improved performance, more reliable dispensing methods, or both, the company says. If less is consumed in the first place, it often means there is less packaging waste, which further reduces the amount of waste to recycle, or send to landfill.

Kimberly-Clark Professional is one of the largest manufacturers of washroom products in the world, serving commercial institutional facilities such as office buildings, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants and other public buildings.

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