Borrowing a page from the world of online retailing, Kimberly-Clark Professional has launchedSymbiosis Man— an interactive, virtual model that allows customers to “try on” personal protective equipment (PPE) before purchase. The new interactive tool demonstrates the full head-to-toe bundle of KleenGuard brand PPE and shows how simple product selection can be.

Symbiosis Mancan be found The site lets users, choosers and distributors select products based on a range of criteria such as: the typical uses (electronics assembly, small parts handling, chemical handing) the type of PPE needed (general protection, chemical protection and specialty protection), and the level of protection required.

By clicking on a series of icons, the user can dress the model in head-to-toe protection that includes eye protection, respirators, gloves and coveralls from the Kimberly-Clark Professional KleenGuard brand line of products. Both front and back views are available so people can get a clear picture of how the products actually look on someone.

“This tool provides what we like to call ‘visual symbiosis,’” said Donna McPherson, senior category manager for the KleenGuard brand. “People can make selections and see how these products lookandwork together. At a time when comfort and style are increasingly important to industrial workers,Symbiosis Manvisually demonstrates how PPE can protect and look good too.”

Symbiosis Mancan be used in conjunction with the Kimberly-Clark Professional product selector tool, which is also available at the site. Visitors first select the products that best meet their needs, via the product selector tool, and then try them on theSymbiosis Manmodel. Fully “dressed” images ofSymbiosis Mancan be forwarded to a customer or printed out for future reference.