CarbonX®, a leading manufacturer of flame-resistant (FR) fabrics and apparel, has produced an innovative testing platform able to measure a protective fabric’s resistance to molten substances and hot liquids. The device is portable, so testing can be performed onsite where safety managers and employees can observe firsthand how different protective fabrics compare in performance.

The CarbonX testing platform is the first of its kind in the industry. The company plans to introduce the device at the ASSE Safety 2011 Exposition in Chicago on June 12–14, where video demonstrations will be shown at the CarbonX booth (#471).

Although not intended to replace standardized laboratory testing and certification processes, the CarbonX testing platform simulates the ASTM F955 pour test. Different fabric combinations can be placed on an angled ceramic plate and hot liquids—such as molten metal, petrochemicals, hot chemicals, etc.—are poured directly onto the fabric. Heat sensors mounted in the plate measure the temperature change on the backside of the fabric while the substance is poured and continue monitoring heat as it transfers across the material.

These measurements indicate how effectively a fabric or fabric combination limits the amount of heat transferred through the material to the wearer and demonstrate what levels of protection are needed to prevent a theoretical second-degree burn. The testing platform’s ceramic plate can be adjusted to any angle to evaluate how effectively the fabric sheds molten liquids. The more quickly a fabric can shed a molten hazard, the less likely it is a serious burn will occur.

“Our testing platform allows us to actually demonstrate the performance of protective fabrics to the people whose lives they are protecting,” said Tyler Thatcher, CEO of CarbonX. “The results will either bring them peace of mind about the personal protective equipment (PPE) solution they have in place or direct them to better alternatives. The end goal is ensuring that employees’ work wear provides the highest level of protection possible.” (MORE)

CARBONX Testing Platform Delivers Onsite, Objective Data

Utilizing the latest thermal engineering technology, the CarbonX testing platform is equipped with a data-acquisition device that plots real-time quantitative data, including information that many safety managers have never had before.

“Oftentimes there can be a lot of politics involved in decision-making about PPE,” says Thatcher. “Our testing platform will change the whole discussion about PPE solutions to be more data-driven. It’s tough to argue with objective, quantifiable, real-time data.” In its first two months of service, the CarbonX testing platform has been used to provide real-time test data against a variety of hot liquids and molten hazards, including steel, iron, zinc, aluminum, phosphorous, and grease.

Repeated inquiries from potential customers about how CarbonX fabrics performed against a variety of thermal hazards led to the development of the testing platform. CarbonX teamed with Professor Mathew Jones and graduate student Jeremy Osguthorpe at Brigham Young University to design and construct the device.

Companies interested in using or learning more about the CarbonX testing platform may call (801) 415-0025.

About CarbonX

CarbonX partners with leading safety manufacturers and distributors worldwide to deliver customized solutions where protection from direct flame, molten metal, hot/flammable liquids, or arc flash are non-negotiable requirements. Every day, professionals and enthusiasts who work and play in some of the world’s most hazardous environments rely on CarbonX products to provide them with the protection they deserve. For more information about CarbonX, call (801) 415-0025 or