In today’s industrial workplaces, many workers are performing multiple tasks—and facing multiple hazards—across functions in their facilities. Now there is a protective solution designed to defend workers against multiple risks in one fabric.

CarbonX will introduce its latest innovation in personal protective equipment, CarbonX Repel, at the NSC Congress & Expo, September 30–October 2, in Chicago.
Repel delivers multifunctional protection unlike any other protective fabric. Constructed using advanced technology, it is made of the patented CarbonX blend of high-performance fibers—proven to provide extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame—and a proprietary compound that enables the fabric to remarkably shed molten metal, weld splatter, flammable liquids, hot chemicals, etc. CarbonX offers a choice of Repel fabric options, depending on the risk.

Repel is truly non-flammable and will not burn, melt, or ignite, even after intense heat or flash fire exposure. It far exceeds the industry’s standard levels of protection, with a TPP rating of 9.0 cal/cm2, an ATPV rating of 9.0 cal/cm2, and a breakthrough time of 18 minutes when exposed to a 93% concentration of sulfuric acid. In addition, Repel is perhaps the only non-aluminized flame-resistant fabric able to pass the ASTM F955 pour test for both molten iron and aluminum.

Sparks and spatter simply roll off Repel, making it ideal for use in outerwear applications like jackets, sleeves, coveralls, aprons, bibs, and spats. With an encapsulated barrier of silicone, the fabric also shields against harsh weather conditions, reducing wind penetration and repelling water.

Available in 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz weights, Repel is significantly lighter and more flexible than other primary protection options currently in use, which can greatly improve comfort while reducing the potential for heat stress. Although it is water resistant, micropores in the fabric make it breathable, and it dries quickly and is odor resistant.
CarbonX Repel will be on display at the company’s booth (#817) at the NSC Expo. For more information, call (801) 415-0025 or visit

About CarbonX: 

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, CarbonX partners with leading safety supply distributors to deliver customized PPE solutions for the world’s most hazardous environments. CarbonX is used in protective applications for industrial safety, construction, welding, molten metal, utilities, pulp and paper, oil and gas, firefighting, motorsports, and tactical/police. When confronting these dangerous conditions, professionals and enthusiasts can rely on CarbonX to provide them with the protection they deserve. For more information, visit or call (801) 415-0025.