Later this month you’ll seeISHN’s website at has been totally redesigned for a faster, easier online research, problem-solving, best practices sharing, and news gathering.ISHN Version 2.0 features:

For you research hounds, keep in mind ISHN’s web site archives of news and features and surveys goes back to the 1990s. We first went online in 1995. Take a moment to register and you will gain full access to OSHA alerts, headline news, product innovations, provocative blogging and web exclusive feature articles.

More specifically, here’s the Version 2.0 content lineup:

Blog away

We call our blog “Random Sampling.” ISHN editors and bloggers SUCH AS YOU sound off on headline news, controversies and emerging issues. It’s clear anyone can blog. The key is to know what you’re talking about. Safety has so many challenges and issues ripe for blogging and commenting. As a safety and health pro, you’re a subject matter expert. Don’t horde your expertise. Give us a “sampling” of what you know and think.

Content topics

ISHN 2.0 is organized around these 11 core topics:

Compliance – OSHA, EPA, MSHA, NFPA, ISO standards / enforcement; other U.S. regulators; state / local regulators.

Construction – Fall protection, confined spaces, PPE, trenching, OSHA compliance, hazardous exposures, sustainability, LEED, highway work zones.

Industrial Hygiene – Monitoring & control of hazardous exposures; confined spaces; combustible dust; noise; MSDSs; gases / vapors.

Health – Ergonomics; drug screening; skin care; heat stress; wellness; vision, hearing tests; AEDs; hearing; first aid.

Facility Safety – Machine guarding; housekeeping; forklift safety; showers & eyewashes; LOTO; flooring; fire safety; security; emergency response.

Global – International EHS standards and news; NGOs; WHO; ISO; sustainability; corporate social responsibility; supply chain management.

Leadership/Culture – EHS management systems and best practices; performance metrics; risk assessment; audits; supervisor safety; selling executives.

PPE – Eye/face, fall, respiratory, hearing, head, hand and foot protection; FR, hi-visibility and other protective clothing.

Training/Incentives – Safety and health videos, books, webinars; eLearning systems; distance learning; motivational awards and gifts.

Transportation – Motor vehicle safety; distracted driving; fleet safety; airline, shipping and rail transport; hazmat spill response.

Psychology – Employee engagement; coaching; teamwork; behavioral safety; perceptions; biases; attitudes; fatigue; discipline; motivation; attention control.


ISHN 2.0 will house all of our electronic newsletters:

OSHA Alerts – Federal OSHA standards, enforcement, policies, speeches, interpretations; Congressional OSHA actions; legal decisions; state OSHA actions.

Weekly Headlines – Roundup of U.S. and global EHS news, research, achievements, investigations, surveys; and personal health topics.

We need you

In addition, ISHN 2.0 will feature webinars, video and other multimedia formats. Most of all, we want to feature YOU. Your comments and reactions to our articles, blogs and news stories.

Truth be told, we have not in the past achieved the level of interaction necessary to create a community of peers. For me, this is the promise of the Internet. We very well might be more fragmented, dislocated and disconnected as a fast-moving society. But the web gives us great opportunities to connect, collaborate and correspond. This does require a certain readjustment of thinking and behavior, especially for us Baby Boomers. Our kids get it, while us Boomers tend to stick to the “old school.” Let’s go for a bit of behavioral change and use as a virtual community center. There is no entry fee. We’re open 24/7. Come on in.