Research has shown that great companies have certain similar traits, characteristics and attributes. Lets look at what are the ten characteristics that define “Great Companies.”

Editor’s Note: And while you’re at it, think in terms of your own safety and health department. How many of these traits, attributes and characteristics would you assign to your department?

1) Great companies innovate

They are always thinking of new (improved ways of doing things). They innovate and delight customers whether it’s a B-2-B or a B-2-C type of enterprise. Think of Steve Jobs: ipod, iphone and the ipad.

2) Great companies endure

Great companies are sustainable. They don’t fold over night; they won’t close because they are independent and are not dependant solely on others. You won’t see them putting their faith and hope in one source of inputs.

3) Great companies live a legacy

Great companies are truly profitable and make lots of money. At the same time, they also get their suppliers and partners to be profitable and sustainable. It makes sense that the people who support these companies too should not fold.

4) Great companies are original

Look at Google. Surf the net and take a look at Google Translate and the many other Google tools that have been developed. Google’s employees come out with great ideas. Great companies are known for this, they don’t need to look outside the company for ideas. They develop internally. People are so motivated and inspired that they do things for the company.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Great companies lead the pack and others then to follow what they do. Some even blatantly copy them.

5) Great companies build their brands

Great companies have great brands. Great brands infect and affect users and customers. People believe in the products so much that it’s almost cult like following. These customers in turn help sell more of the great brand and the great company.

6) Great companies live on past their leaders

Great companies are led by inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. Look at Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Anita Roderick and many more. Even after they are gone or have left the companies, the companies live on. True leaders make long term decisions and don’t just live for today

7) Great companies know no bounds

The world is our oyster. Great companies believe that there are no limits to potential customers. Great companies believe in a global mindset. There is conviction that every person is a potential customer.

8 ) Great companies are bulllish

Great companies have views and are not just in it for the money. They want to change the world or the world we live in. Their belief and convictions are so strong that nothing will stop or get in their way.

9) Great companies believe in systems

Great companies believe that systems must be in place such that everyone is replaceable. That no one is indispensible including the boss. Everyone and anyone within the company can deliver the results and has an impact on the results.

10) Great companies walk the talk

Great companies don’t just say things; they believe them and live by them. Slogans like customer first are not just slogans but true priorities and reflections.

So is your company great? Does your company have a vision to be great?

Editor’s note: Is your safety and health department “great”? Does your department have a vision to be great?


Contributed by Mr Raj Singh, Safety@Work Consultancy, 10V Enterprise Road Singapore627679