Vendor NewsCapital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment, introduces the new DBI-SALA 85 and 130-foot Sealed-Blok™ Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL). These new SRL’s, an addition to Capital Safety’s extensive line of industry-leading Sealed-Blok self-retracting lifelines, are designed to withstand the harshest operating environments and include features that maximize work site versatility and lower the cost of ownership. Industry-first features new to the 85 and 130-foot Sealed-Blok SRL’s include an optional RSQ™ dual-mode rescue capability, a FAST-Line™ field replaceable lifeline, IP68 sealed rating certification and a secondary fall arrest rated anchor point. In addition, units are available with an integrated retrieval winch.

The new 85 and 130-foot Sealed-Blok SRL’s are the first sealed self-retracting lifelines to achieve the IP68 sealed rating certification. This code, as defined by international standard IEC 60529, describes the product’s ability to seal out solids and liquids such as dirt, dust and water. Sealed-Blok SRL’s also offer the highest weight capacity of any SRL on the market at 420 pounds. In addition, a built-in carrying handle certified as a secondary fall arrest anchor point provides the user with a dropped-objects protection tie-off point.
A patented industry first, the exclusive RSQ rescue capability allows the user to choose (prior to beginning work) between the automatic rescue mode and the fall arrest mode. If a fall occurs while the device is in automatic rescue mode, the SRL will arrest the fall and then automatically lower the worker safely to the ground or the next level. If a fall occurs while the device is in fall arrest mode, the SRL will arrest the fall and then allow for an assisted rescue to take place. This two-in-one operation offers work site versatility and optimization for each fall hazard. It can also lower the cost of a user’s fall protection program because separate rescue equipment may not be needed.
The FAST-Line field replaceable lifeline provides trained end-users the option of replacing the lifeline in the field rather than sending it to an authorized service center, reducing equipment downtime and lowering the cost of ownership. The unique lifeline design provides simple verification of proper assembly in that the SRL will not operate if the cable is installed incorrectly.
The new Sealed-Blok SRL’s are the only sealed self-retracting lifelines available with a retrieval winch for raising and lowering personnel or materials. The SRL can be quickly converted to and from retrieval mode for fast and efficient operation. The input crank handle has a primary brake that will prevent movement of the load upon release of the handle. An optional bracket makes for quick and easy attachment of the SRL to tripods and davits.
“Capital Safety was the first manufacturer to develop self retracting lifeline technology in the 1940’s, and over the course of nearly two decades, the revolutionary Sealed-Blok has been field-proven, operating safely in some of the world’s most challenging work environments,” said Jeff Radichel, senior product manager with Capital Safety. “These next-generation Sealed-Blok SRL’s improve upon the original design, adding features that increase versatility and lower cost of ownership by extending maintenance intervals and product longevity.”
The durable construction maximizes the service life of the new Sealed-Blok SRL’s. All dynamic components, including the motor spring and brake system, are sealed inside the housing, protecting them from oil, grease, dirt, water and chemicals. The cast aluminum housings and heavy gauge stainless steel end-plates resist damage and corrosion.
The next-generation Sealed-Blok SRL’s also simplify transportation, installation and use. For example, a built-in carrying handle makes transport to the work location and anchoring easy, the large pivoting anchorage stays in line with the load and allows a variety of connecting hardware to be used, and the SRL maintains consistent lifeline retraction and proper fall arrest distances and forces. Another noteworthy feature is the anti-ratcheting pawl design that stops falls within inches and limits arresting forces. Additionally, the SRL comes with an i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System RFID tag built into the unit to track inspections, control inventory and manage product information.
Capital Safety, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment, with 20 operating sites worldwide and a passionate commitment to quality, innovation and safety, is home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands. All of Capital Safety’s fall protection and rescue systems are backed by extensive training, knowledgeable technical assistance and professional customer service. For further information, contact Capital Safety at 800-328-6146, 651-388-8282 or visit them on the web at