Working at height requires movement. Workers need to connect and reconnect their snap hooks dozens – or even several dozens of times – a day. The new 3M™ DBI-SALA® Comfort Grip Connector from 3M™ Fall Protection improves connecting and disconnecting while providing flexibility to anchor efficiently and comfortably in multiple orientations.

“The search for a connector that can be tied off in multiple directions is over,” said Nate Safe, product designer at 3M Personal Safety Division. “Many of the hooks on the market can be a nuisance to open where the operator’s hand is placed right in the opening creating a pain point. The Comfort Grip Connector opens and closes easily and comes with a hand guard so knuckles are protected while making a connection.”

Designed and certified to arrest a fall when loaded in multiple orientations, the Comfort Grip Connector helps provide a 5,000-pound tensile strength as well as up to 3,600 pounds in transverse and gate strengths. When connected to a vertical or transverse application, such as a pipe, the hand-guard pin shears in the event of a fall to allow the connector to align with the direction of the fall and remain securely anchored.

The 3M DBI-Sala Comfort Grip Connector is available on some of 3M Fall Protection’s most popular products, including:

The 3M DBI-SALA Comfort Grip Connector is available now, so contact your local 3M™ Fall Protection authorized distributor or visit to learn more.

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