VentisThe Accenture Life Safety Solution is an innovative, wireless safety solution offered through collaboration between Accenture, AeroScout, Cisco and Industrial Scientific.

Industrial Scientific, the global leader in Gas Detection as a Service, is pleased to announce the availability of the Ventis™ LS multi-gas detector as part of the Accenture Life Safety Solution. Using Wi-Fi and location-based technologies to remotely monitor those working in potentially hazardous environments, this wireless solution helps keep people safer.

The Accenture Life Safety Solution leverages the expertise of Industrial Scientific, as well as their unique Gas Detection as a Service solution known as iNet®. It also incorporates the leading technologies and processes of Accenture, AeroScout and Cisco. The solution is designed to continuously monitor employees working in plant environments across oil & gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, mining, forest products and utilities.

The Ventis LS has the ability to detect one to four gases, including H2S, O2, LEL, CO, SO2 and NO2. In potentially hazardous conditions, the instrument alerts users through audible, visual and vibrating alarms. The instrument’s gas level information is then transmitted over Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network using the gas detector’s integrated Wi-Fi Tag from AeroScout. The gas detection information is then sent to a control room, where an operator can react to the data. Because of the gas detector’s wireless technology, the operator can quickly locate the employee in danger, and organize rescue operations. A separate alert would be sent to the control room if lack of motion is detected or if the individual activates the detector’s panic button.

The Accenture Life Safety Solution extends itself beyond the plant’s confines. Operators can go outside of the plant with the same functionality using a combination of Wi-Fi and cellular communications.

The solution was initially field tested at two units at Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (NYSE: MPC) Robinson, Ill., refinery. After successful testing, it was later deployed through the remaining refinery units, tank farm and outside the refinery fence line to include remote workers.
“Our deployment of this pioneering solution follows extensive evaluation of its functionality and costs,” said Don McCord, operations manager, Illinois Refining Division, MPC. “The tested solution gives our workers a greater sense of confidence that their safety is being monitored in ways that have never been possible before in our industry. In addition, its proven cost effectiveness has allowed us to deploy the solution across the entire refinery.”
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