Industrial Scientific, the global leader in gas detection, introduces the Ventis™ MX4 multi-gas detector. It is a lightweight, highly configurable instrument that is available with or without an integral pump and is compatible with iNet™. iNet is Industrial Scientific’s unique Gas Detection as a Service solution.

The Ventis detects one to four gases including oxygen, combustible gases (LEL or CH4) and any two of the following toxic gases: CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2. Ideal for confined space monitoring and/or continuous personal monitoring in potentially hazardous environments, the instrument is designed to keep workers safe in a variety of industries. In confined space applications, the Ventis can be used to draw samples from up to 100 feet with the integral pump. The gas detector alerts users in dangerous conditions through an audible alarm, ultra-bright LED visual alarms and a powerful vibrating alarm.

Ventis users can choose from a wide range of sensors, batteries, chargers and more. Among the battery options is an extended range lithium-ion battery which enables up to 20 hours of uninterrupted personal monitoring when used with the no pump version. Overmold color options are also available, including either black or safety orange for increased visibility.

The Ventis’ housing has been third-party tested and certified IP66 and IP67. This ingress protection rating indicates that the Ventis is dust-tight and resistant to both water jets and submersion.

Being compatible with iNet, the Ventis can be kept working without costly and time-consuming maintenance. iNet is a software-based service that increases safety by providing visibility into gas detector alarms, exposure and usage. With iNet, customers do not have to buy gas detectors. Instead, they can subscribe to iNet and receive Gas Detection as a Service.

About Industrial Scientific Corporation

Industrial Scientific Corporation is the world’s leading provider of Gas Detection as a Service. With more than 850 people working in 18 countries, Industrial Scientific is dedicated to eliminating death in the workplace by the end of this century. Achieving this goal requires dedication to delivering highest quality and best customer service in all transactions. Industrial Scientific also focuses on providing analysis of data from equipment use and maintenance to identify problems before they happen. Industrial Scientific has operations based in Pittsburgh (USA), Arras (France), Dortmund (Germany) and Shanghai (China). The company provides technical services to customers from local service centers around the world, and has additional offices in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Industrial Scientific is the parent company to Oldham( Predictive Solutions Corporation( For more information, visit(