Enterprise Safety Management SoftwareZeraWare has produced a new "Enterprise" version of its popular safety software. This premium version has additional features that will benefit organizations with multiple and diverse personnel with safety responsibilities:  Safety Manager, Supervisors, Human Resources, Department Managers, Safety Committee, Maintenance Personnel, etc.

ZeraWare safety software is a computer based safety management system for managing an employee safety program. The software provides advanced safety management tools for administering accident prevention functions and controlling the causes of accidents in the workplace.

A key advantage of the Enterprise version is the ability to integrate ZeraWare with your Company's Active Directory. A Role Based Permission System allows you to effectively manage and control who can use the software and how it's used. An administrator can permit or restrict access and even the use of specific functions: by person, by job title or safety responsibilities. For example, the ability to complete new incident reports and view previous reports can be given to all supervisors. But only safety personnel can be given the capability of deleting or altering incident reports. You can reduce the risk of mistakes, misuse or deleted safety files.

Some information in your safety database may not be intended for everyone. Enterprise eliminates confidentiality issues involving sensitive reports or safety data. You can control who has access to different parts of your safety program using your Active Directory. In addition, there is a Single-Sign-On System that makes it easy and convenient for employees to use the software. Authorized personnel are automatically logged into ZeraWare when they log into their computers. No additional password access is required.

ZeraWare safety software can be used on one computer or a network serving multiple users at one or more facilities. ZeraWare is client-server based. Your safety database is on your server. There are no on-going web based hosting fees. Employers with a SQL server and VPN will be able to use either version of ZeraWare in an office, with a lap top on the road or in any remote location. The only limitation is that ZeraWare is not compatible with MAC Computers.

For more information, visit the web site at www.zeraware.com. There is a Demo available 24/7 and informational Webinars are conducted weekly.