MSI Data, a leading provider of field service andinspection software, announced today the release of VEIL, an enterprise software application for automating mobile field inspections and inspection management processes. Through a flexible web and mobile application suite, VEIL Inspection Software helps organizations improve inspection consistency and productivity by automating the creation of mobile inspection templates, streamlining the performance of field inspections with a cross-platform, native mobile application and providing centralized management and reporting of inspection data.

VEIL Automates Field Data Collection Processes; Mobile App Creation

Inspections are an integral part of the work performed for many industries and organizations, whether for worker, equipment or construction job site safety, regulatory compliance requirements, preventive maintenance, sales, assessments or other purposes. VEIL automates a wide variety of field data collection processes, including safety inspections, checklists, punch-lists, audits, assessments, surveys, observations or other types of inspections. Traditionally managed with manual, paper-based processes or disconnected spreadsheets, inspection processes can be automated with VEIL Inspection Software, from mobile field data collection to management reporting.

“Manual inspection processes for field-intensive organizations, whether for jobsite safety, QC, asset maintenance, regulatory compliance or other reasons, can have significant productivity and safety ramifications,” said Harvey Shovers, President of MSI Data. “VEIL is a major step forward in providing clients the ease and configurability of being able to design native, mobile inspection applications essentially on the fly. Within a day or less, companies can convert their paper or spreadsheet forms to a true enterprise mobile app.”

VEIL Native Mobile App Runs on Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows; On-Premise or Cloud

VEIL software deployment options provide field-intensive organizations with the flexibility they need to keep up with the rapid advancements in the mobile marketplace. Available as a native mobile application for Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows mobile devices, VEIL may be deployed on each of the dominant smartphone and tablet platforms, supporting the popular “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” enterprise mobile device strategy.

“Each enterprise has their own preference when it comes to their mobile device and operating systems,” said Shovers. “We are pleased to provide both initial and ongoing choice for our VEIL customers when it comes to mobile as well as on-premise or cloud deployment.”

From simple field data collection to complex inspections, VEIL software offers an advanced suite of inspection automation capabilities, including:

VEIL Inspection Builder – Rapidly create native mobile inspection templates with a web-based drag and drop builder. Managers can construct mobile templates to replace existing forms, and automatically push them to field workers.

VEIL Mobile – Field personnel perform inspections using the VEIL app running on their Android, iOS or Windows tablet or smartphone. VEIL Mobile features include:

  • Automated sub-inspections            
  • Photo capture
  • Guided inspection templates            
  • Signature capture
  • Dynamic inspection expansion                           

VEIL Inspection Manager – Web-based database for managers to view, report upon and analyze historical inspection data.

Visual Scheduler – Office or field based staff can schedule field workers based on location, availability and skills sets.

Events Manager – Busy organizations can “set it and forget it,” automatically monitoring business activities and notifying employees with time-sensitive alerts about specific conditions, such as a safety issue identified by a field inspector.

Stakeholder Web Portals – Web portals may be configured to allow key stakeholders to view and analyze important inspection data.

Home Office System Integration – VEIL can be integrated to pass inspection data to ERP, CRM, Accounting, Billing and other systems.

For more information and for partnership inquiries, please visit VEIL Inspection Software.


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