Cority announced the availability of enhanced features and resources to help enterprises manage through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cority has launched its COVID-19 Patient under Investigation Workflow and COVID-19 Staff Exposure Workflow available within its Occupational Health software solution. These specialized tools allow organizations to conduct rapid health screening of employees and occupational health staff to support their COVID-19 exposure assessments.

These enhancements were added to the Cority true SaaS platform to provide organizations new early detection tools that will enable them to act more efficiently to control the spread of COVID-19, helping to control worker absenteeism and lower the associated risk of costly business interruptions.

Specifically for Hospitals, Cority Axion Health offers a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel and Exposure Management Module as part of its market-leading Employee Health Software. This module, which includes new features to help organizations assess travel and staff exposures and monitor quarantined staff, will reduce administrative burdens, improve productivity, and maximize the safety of front-line healthcare workers.

“Healthcare workers are some of the most essential assets needed right now during this public health crisis,” said Roberta Smith, MSPH, RN, CIH, COHN-S, CIC, Director of Worker Health at Cority Axion Health. “They need to focus on their own safety plus the safety of their patients. If an exposure occurs, employees and occupational health teams need to know about it quickly to assess the situation. With these new features available in our solution, staff can easily complete an incident form and get the prompt care they may need from their employee health team.”

“Cority’s responsiveness to the recent COVID-19 situation has been remarkable,” said Teresa J. Hedrick, BSN, RN, Manager, Employee Health at Akron Children’s Hospital. “They have provided us with useful tools to help us manage the risks to our employees and patients. It just speaks to the type of company that Cority is. We continue to be grateful for our partnership.”

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