Lois and John GordonThe Department of Transportation (DOT)’s “Faces of Distracted Driving” campaign draws attention to the toll that distracted driving takes on its victims. Sadly, the public service effort shows no signs of running out of subjects.

The latest: John T. Gordon, a cop and father of two. Gordon was riding his motorcycle on Ohio State Route 4 in May of 2008 when he was struck by a young man who was driving a truck – and talking on a cell phone at the same time.

The “Faces” campaign gives us images of those who’ve lost their lives to distracted driving, and tells their stories. It also allows loved ones to talk about the impact the accidents have on them, in the form of videos.

Click the image to watch a video featuring John and Lois Gordon, John’s parents. They are now advocates against distracted driving.

For more information, visit www.distraction.gov. To share your story with the DOT, email faces@distraction.gov.