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New product release from ENMET: EX-6100 Sensor/Transmitter for combustible gases

The EX-6100, 24 VDC, Combustible Gas Sensor/Transmitter utilizes a matched pair of catalytic elements. The sensor can be calibrated for 0-100% LEL hydrogen, methane, propane, butane or other combustible hydrocarbons. The EX-6100 is standard with an internal alarm relay PC board, two inlet/outlet parts, and plug-in sensor. Other features include…Read more>>

Pelican’s Advanced Area Lighting Group redefines the 9460 and 9470 RALS

Pelican Products, Inc., announced today that their Advanced Area Lighting Group, has rolled out refined and more powerful versions of their 9460 and 9470 Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS). The 9460 RALS and 9470 RALS are part of Pelican’s line of area lighting systems that provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator powered lights.

Both lights have been engineered with…Read more>>

Pelican rolls out the 3765 LED Rechargeable flashlight

With first responder professionals in mind, Pelican Products, the global leader in both the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting and high-performance protective case solutions, has introduced the 3765 LED Rechargeable flashlight.  

This light weight and rugged lighting tool was designed for the worst case scenario. Featuring the all new downcast lighting mode which incorporates three 5mm LEDs (32 lumens) to safely light the way, the 3765 LED Rechargeable will help first responders navigate through dark and smoky situations. When used in downcast only mode, it enables first responders to…Read more>>

DSM expands portfolio of high-performance floor coating solutions with introduction of URelle

Facility owners seeking floor coatings that can meet tough performance requirements as well as growing sustainability targets are finding solutions from DSM. The global life & material sciences leader has been increasingly focusing its innovation efforts on the needs of the industrial floor coatings market, with an expanding portfolio of high-performance products. The most recent: URelle™ urethane systems.

URelle™-Crete—the first of the new product family—is a three-component urethane cement system designed to stand up to excessive physical impact, thermal shock and…Read more>>