Vendor NewsFabEnCo, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of self-closing safety gates, recently announced that the company has launched its new corporate website located at

One of the major additions to the updated site is the inclusion of the company’s new Gate Guide, a unique program designed to assist customers and prospects in determining the right gate for a customer’s specific application. Once a series of questions has been answered, including the width of the opening to be protected, the depth of coverage, the kind of material used to make the gate (carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum) and the preferred coating (if any), the program recommends the gate or gates best suited for the application. Customers then have three options – getting a quote sent by e-mail, having a FabEnCo representative contact them by phone for more information or assistance, or going directly to the website’s on-line ordering system. 

According to FabEnCo’s Sales Manager Scott Friedman, “In addition to our new Gate Guide, the website gives our customers and prospects a complete overview of our industry-leading safety gates and accessories, as well as opportunity to download any of our product literature. The site also has an FAQ section that answers many of the questions we typically get when a company is placing its first safety gate order. And, for those customers who can’t find exactly what they need in our standard line of self-closing safety gates, there are a number of examples on the website of custom safety gates we’ve developed.”  

About FabEnCo, Inc.

FabEnCo, Inc., a Houston-based company, is the world’s leading manufacturer of self-closing industrial safety gates. The company offers a full range of easy-to-install self-closing safety gates and accessories for fall protection, access control, pedestrian traffic management, machine guarding and security at unprotected ladderway, platform, stair and mezzanine openings. FabEnCo’s high-quality, American-made safety gates are available in carbon steel, as well as aluminum and stainless steel for special applications and environments. On request, FabEnCo also develops custom safety gates for unusual openings. For more information about how the FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gate can provide fall protection as required by OSHA, please call the FabEnCo Marketing Department toll free at 1-800-962-6111 or visit our website at