Top Products of the WeekA combustible dust solution and industrial lighting are among this week’s top EHS-related products as featured on

Indoor/outdoor LED Light from Larson Electronics replaces standard incandescent bulbs

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful new LED lamp capable of acting as a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs used in standard light sockets. The LED17W-PAR38-WP 17 Watt LED Style Bulb produces more light than 150 incandescent lamps and provides added versatility in the form of multiple color options.

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New solenoid controller simplifies timed pulse cleaning of dust collector filters

Camfil APC has introduced a cost-saving Smart Solenoid STR Controller for applications where dust collector filters are pulse-cleaned based on timed intervals. The timer controls that regulate pulsing are embedded within the solenoids, eliminating the need to wire a remote timer board to the solenoid tray.

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Four lamp explosion proof light fixture with emergency backup from Larson Electronics

The EPL-EMG-24-4L-T5HO explosion proof fluorescent light fixture features four lamps, UL certified hazardous location suitability, and a built in battery backup system for continued operation in the event of power failures.

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