Larson Electronics releases explosion proof and corrosion resistant LED Beacon light

Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion proof LED strobe light with non-metallic housing for applications where high resistance to corrosive environments is needed.

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Ergodyne announces refresh of original back support line

Ergonomics are in our name and in everything we do

Ergodyne announced today a refresh of the products that started it all, the ProFlex® Back Support Series. Back supports are as essential for workers today as they were thirty years ago when the first workplace back support was invented and patented by Ergodyne.

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Combustible gas detector provides rapid 3-second response to dangerous leaks

The advanced Model IR400 Point IR Combustible Gas Detector from General Monitors features an industry-leading three-second T90 response time to the presence of combustible hydrocarbon-based gases, which allows plant operators to respond quickly to gas leaks and avoid potential accidents.

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Lynn Valley Mfg. introduces the “UNI” reflective helmet band

A “stretchy” reflective band that “sticks” to any protective head gear by friction alone. Provides hi-visibility fluorescence in the day and intense reflection for low light conditions. Custom printing also offers a unique form of identification and promotion.

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Ergodyne introduces flame resistant cooling products

Ergodyne announced today the expansion of their heat stress solutions to include three newChill-Its® Flame Resistant (FR) Cooling Products, available March 2013. These new FR cooling products provide the ultimate defense against heat stress with activated polymer cooling technology along with FR protection.

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Armchem International introduces new mild heavy duty cleaner with emollients

Armchem’s Duraview Regal Plus provides industrial strength cleaning without harming hands

Armchem, the leading business to business distributor of over 50,000 specialty industrial products, including jumbo paper systems, maintenance, chemical and safety items, introduces Regal Plus, a heavy-duty hand cleaner that washes away tough dirt and grime quickly, but leaves skin smooth as silk. 

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Armchem International introduces new hands free medical grade sanitizer

Armchem Instantfoam Deluxe kills germs without drying out hands

Armchem, the leading provider of specialty products that help businesses run smoother, faster, cleaner, safer and healthier, introduces Armchem Instantfoam Deluxe Hand Sanitizer.

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MSA develops industrial hard hat made from sugarcane

"Green" protective cap is first to be manufactured from renewable resources

Pittsburgh-based safety equipment manufacturer MSA (NYSE: MSA) is the largest producer of industrial hard hats in North America and other regions of the world. But that dominance hasn't diminished the company's appetite to innovate and find ways to improve a relatively common product worn every day by construction workers, industrial personnel and utility workers, as well as fans at NFL football games.

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Mud Dawg invert mud glove

Ideal for oil drilling

High dexterity, triple dipped PVC glove offers chemical resistance to petrochemicals. Patented Sarco impact protective strips on the back of the glove protect hands and fingers against crushing blows.

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Emergency shower booths for decontamination

ANSI and OSHA compliant

HEMCO Emergency Showers are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. This unit is equipped with a pull rod activated shower and push handle eye/face wash for quick rinsing of eyes, face and body. 

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TRACTEL introduces Blocfor AES self-retracting lifeline

Automatically stops a fall

NEW! The Leading Edge Blocfor® AES self-retracting lifeline is especially made to use in applications where falls may occur over an edge such as roofing, leading edge construction, etc. This Blocfor® is suited for use with fall arrest systems using Tractel roof anchors.

Read More announces low profile two foot explosion proof light fixture with four lamps

HazLoc compliance in a compact design

Larson Electronics has announced the introduction of a four lamp explosion proof fluorescent light designed to provide high output from a more compact fixture size. Measuring only two feet long and constructed for low profile mounting, the EPL-24-96 Low Profile Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light provides high output and hazardous location compliance in a compact and unobtrusive fixture design.

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