Smart Solenoid Controller from Camfil APCCamfil APC has introduced a cost-saving Smart Solenoid STR Controller for applications where dust collector filters are pulse-cleaned based on timed intervals. The timer controls that regulate pulsing are embedded within the solenoids, eliminating the need to wire a remote timer board to the solenoid tray.

"On" and "off" cycles are easily adjusted through dials integrated into the solenoid tray. Factory settings are 150 milliseconds "on" time with a 30-second "off" cycle between pulses. The device is provided with multiple solenoid valves which vary from two to six.

The controller is certified according to European normative ATEX (94/9/EC) Category II 3D and may be used with any type of cartridge dust collection system that utilizes diaphragm valves. When purchased for use with a Farr Gold Series® dust collector, a free Magnahelic® gauge is included to monitor pressure drop across the filters.

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