respiratorThe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has designated today as “N95 Day” – a reference to the most common particulate filtering facepiece respirator, which filters at least 95% of airborne particles (but is not resistant to oil).

This observance is meant to bring recognition to the importance of respiratory protection in the workplace and familiarize users with the educational resources available, according to NIOSH.

N95 Day highlights

In recognition of N95 Day, NIOSH will feature a NIOSH Science Blog on the topic by Jaclyn Krah, MA, a Health Communication Specialist in the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory. Click here to read the blog post.

NIOSH has also released a video starring the NIOSH N95 certification laboratory, and there’ll be lots of Twitter action during the day (follow @NIOSH and @NPPTL).

Registration for a webinar focusing on the myths versus the facts of N95 use is full, but it will be posted on the webpage.

Other information on the webpage includes:

NPPTL Personal Protective Technology Resources

For Respirator Users

User notices, filtering facepiece respirators, trusted-source information, information for workers...

For Respirator Manufacturers

Certification support, test procedures, standards, labeling...

Protective Clothing and Ensembles

Protective clothing resources, guidance documents, best practice...

Protective Technology Program at NIOSH

National Academies’ Review, Research programs, customer satisfaction...

As well as:

Respirator Trusted-Source Information

Approved Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators

Certified Equipment List (CEL)

Meetings and Conferences

NIOSH Numbered Publications

California Toolkit: Respirator Use in Health Care Workplaces

NPPTL and the University of Pittsburgh’s Epidemiological Global Health Project, the Supercourse