“This year we’re getting particular about protection against particulates,” declares the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on its N95 Day 2018 web page, which it is using to promote the proper use of the popular NIOSH-certified respirators.

In fact, NIOSH has designated today as N95 Day, and is sharing resources that promote the proper use of N95 respirators on its website. If you’ve visited the N95 Day web page in the past, it’s worth a fresh look; it's been updated with new and recent respiratory protection information and even has quiz questions at the bottom of the web page for you to use in testing your knowledge.

NIOSH says N95 Day is an opportunity for the institute to share the science behind the established guidance and recommendations.

“We want to arm you with an arsenal of information for your personal workplace scenario so that you can accomplish your goals. Whether those goals are to change your workplace safety culture, educate employees, or even to educate the management that has tasked you with enforcing proper respiratory protection protocols, we hope to help you find the information you need.”

Click here to visit the N95 Day 2018 web page and learn more.