A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with a handful of Safety Marketing Group (SMG) distributors and I asked the question: what is your company “Value Proposition”? We went around the room and everyone basically said the same thing!

So I wonder… Does that make everyone the same?

Definition of Value Proposition

A business or marketing statement that summarizes why an end-user customer should purchase a product or use a service. This statement should convince a potential end-user customer that this particular distributor product and/or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings by other competitive distributors.

Modern Distribution Management (July 10th issue) conducted a survey with regard to positioning and perceptions of value with 230 distributor executives and other management. “Nearly 90 percent of distributor respondents believe that they deliver more value than their competitors.”

 “Many distributors perceive that they deliver superior customer service and expertise.”

This is the very reason SMG started 3E in June of this year! EDUCATE – EQUIP – EMPOWER is a new program that was developed specifically for SMG Distributors.

3E Objective is: Elevate the “Value Proposition” for safety specialists that are invested in SMG. This will be a program designed to differentiate our distributor members from national competitors by holding SMG suppliers accountable and require they provide a level of education and resources not available to non-SMG distributors.

3E Mission is: To protect and enhance the SMG distributor’s market position as dominant safety specialists. SMG will accomplish this by Empowering and Equipping member organizations through unique Educational opportunities with SMG Preferred Suppliers.

The crux to 3E is to differentiate the Safety Specialists vs. the Generalists. This is not the “cure all” but the foundation of things to come!

Mike Smeaton is president-CEO of the Safety Marketing Group, 16228 Flight Path Drive, Brooksville, FL 34604. Contact Mike at: Mike.Smeaton@smgna.com