Thirty or more years ago a 3M rep said to me while making end-user calls, “Mike this is no scrimmage today… every day is a Super Bowl!”

What does that say about PASSION, DRIVE, being COMMITTED!

What does this have to do with Safety Equipment Distributors?

I think a lot!

The Safety Industry is full of passionate, committed and successful Independently Owned Safety Equipment Distributors and many of them belong to The Safety Marketing Group! We fight the battles every day. Every year that passes, the Safety Specialist sees a new set of competitors; someone else that decides to sell Safety Equipment or at least take orders for the products.

But in spite of “generalists” taking orders for Safety Equipment; WE the Safety Specialists still survive, prosper and become even more successful. Maybe it is because we behave differently, maybe it is because we know this is not a scrimmage, it is the real deal; after all we are helping prevent injuries and fatalities every day!

SMG had a great year in 2011! We experienced approximately 24% growth over 2010, which was a record year for us! We expect to see continued growth in 2012 because our Board of Directors and Distributor Members have developed an ability to focus on the clear path ahead.

Even though all Safety Equipment Specialists are faced with Supplier Consolidation and Customer Consolidation, we can help you through the maze.

Why go it alone?

Every day is a Super Bowl!

Success comes in cans; failure comes in cant’s (Author Unknown)