SMG announces 2012 award winnersIRISS, a leader in the permanent electrical safety devices (PESD’s) market, was selected as a finalist for two Electrical Industry Awards in 2013. One award recognized IRISS as a Product of the Year finalist for providing Stansted Airport the ability to perform safe, electrical inspections and shortening the inspection time and associated costs. The other award acknowledged the innovation of the Platinum Series IR windows featuring the Poly-View System™ transparent polymer allowing for visual, infrared and ultraviolet inspection.

 “We are incredibly honored to be recognized alongside electrical industry powerhouses like Eaton and Schneider Electric for our product innovations and applications,” explained Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS. “The electrical industry has embraced the use of IR windows to perform electrical inspections because the safety and efficiency benefits mitigate the chance of arc flash, electrocution, power failure, fire and other loss.”

The Electrical Industry Awards, sponsored by Electrical Times magazine, showcases the very best of what the electrical industry has to offer across products, personalities and progress.

The judging panel includes some of the most respected figures in the industry including senior representatives from the ECA, JIB, NAPIT, NICEIC and the Electrical Safety Council. The Electrical Industry Awards celebrates the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the electrical industry.

The London Stansted Airport project showcases how IR windows enable companies open for business 24/7 to maintain a reliable and continuous operation while performing necessary condition based monitoring on a regular basis. Historically, the Stansted Airport maintenance teams, responsible for the reliability of all low voltage equipment, were put under huge time pressure. At best, engineers had four hours per night in which to conduct predictive maintenance inspections. By the time they had made the system safe, this window of opportunity reduced even more. This meant the entire inspection cycle was significantly prolonged and even worse, no system could be checked under load making it difficult to identify faults in busbar and circuits. The installation of IRISS CAP Series IR windows resulted in savings for both inspection time and associated costs. But the benefits extend beyond that. For the first time the airport had a benchmark for trending future performance and the complete assurance that everything is working optimally.

The Platinum Series IR windows are the world’s only PESD’s utilizing the patented Poly-View System™ polymer that allow visual inspection, thermal imaging across the entire IR spectrum and UV inspection with a corona camera of fully energized systems. The industrial-grade IR window is shatterproof with a reinforced grill that exceeds high voltage switchgear viewing pane standards and is available in standard round, rectangular and square shapes ranging in size from 2” to 80”. Additionally, the newly released IRISS CAP-4-US which combines all of the features of an IR window and ultrasound port in one easy to install and use panel.

All IRISS IR windows are compatible with all brands of thermal imaging cameras commonly used in the marine and offshore environments to identify electrical and mechanical faults. Additionally, every polymer optic IR window in the VP and CAP Series is protected by the IRISS Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

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IRISS, leader in permanent electrical safety devices (PESD’s) such as industrial-grade infrared (IR) windows and advanced on-line monitoring systems, give customers an efficient way to safely inspect energized electrical equipment without exposure to the risk of a hazardous arc flash, accidents or injuries. Our PESD solutions are designed to fit the growing needs of electrical reliability. As an electrical industry trailblazer, top organizations in power generation, processing and manufacturing, government, data center, and health care industry have relied on IRISS for guidance on optimizing their electrical system. Through our Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies, aka SMART Academy, IRISS offers many unique lab-simulated training and certification classes that provide the practical experience and knowledge necessary to complete energized electrical maintenance inspections safely and efficiently. For more information, visit