Back Safety training programOver 200,000 back injuries are reported every year, accounting for one of every five injuries in the workplace. Companies can help employees avoid becoming part of this statistic by using J. J. Keller’s NEW Back Safety: Keep Your Back in Action training program.

Back Safety: Keep Your Back In Action goes beyond basic back safety awareness and lifting. It covers the structure of the back along with causes of back pain and injuries, and represents industrial, trucking, construction and office environments with real-world scenarios that demonstrate routine tasks common in most industries that can lead to back injury if done incorrectly.

The program explains important preventative measures and proper techniques employees can incorporate when performing everyday tasks such as lifting, pushing, climbing, sitting, standing, twisting, reaching, and overreaching, along with the proper techniques for those tasks.

The program also covers lifestyle behaviors employees might not realize affect their back health, such as posture, sleeping habits, stretching, diet, exercise and stress control. Extra video segments demonstrate simple stretches and strengthening exercises employees can incorporate into their daily routine to improve flexibility, stamina and overall back health.

“We specifically designed our back safety program to go above and beyond anything in the marketplace,” said Chris Bauer, J. J. Keller’s senior training and communication product development specialist. “Our key message is that avoiding back injuries is within employees’ control, and we back it up with advice and insight from a medical professional, corporate ergonomics specialist, and a conditioning expert specializing in back health.”

The program includes a 30-minute video, one trainer guide, 11 employee handbooks, one awareness poster, one back stretch and strength poster and one trainer tools CD-ROM.

The program is also available in Pay Per View and Online course formats. For more information, visit or call 800-327-6868.

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