If you could re-engineer your Safety Distributorship or start from scratch how would you do things differently?

Would you have the same amount of outside salespeople?

Or would you have more of an emphasis on inside sales and marketing positions?

Would you still “chase” large end-user customers or would you go after the more profitable mid-sized and or smaller customer?

Would you sell or target everyone or would you seek out customers that truly have a Safety Culture?

How would you educate your employees?

Would you look at them as “human capital” and invest in them?

Would you continue to print a new paper catalog every two years or would you invest in digital assets that would attract the new younger savvy buyers?

Would your website look the same on your desktop, your notebook, your mobile device?

Would the end-user customer see a seamless buying experience?

Would you be a “specialist” or a “generalist” distributor?

Would your “value proposition” look the same as 80 percent of other distributors or would you find out what is really important to your customers and put your focus on them?

Would you continue to offer all the safety manufacturer products that you currently offer or would you dive deep into a real partnership with a select few suppliers?

Would you allow your outside sales force determine what you had in your inventory?

Or would you have a strategy on your stock items and even tie it to sales compensation?

Would you have a strategy of re-investing profits back into the business so that your company would remain relevant?

Hopefully this has been thought provoking!