I am writing this during the Summer Olympics in London. Are you impressed with the “winning attitude” of the Olympians? Can you imagine the personal sacrifice each individual has been committed to? How many years of training for a few minutes of judgment?

After all, these are “games” and this is the business world, specifically the Safety Equipment distribution business. But there are some similarities; if we prepared and trained like the Olympic athletes would outcomes be any different?

If we always had the positive attitude to “win” would the outcome be different?

• When you walk in your distribution business, what kind of attitude is apparent from your employees? Are they upbeat, are they excited about their role in the company, do they look like team-players?

• Are you training your team to “win” or beat your competition? Training helps develop confidence and improves a person’s attitude.

• Does your company have a team DNA? What are your company’s core values? Do all your employees know what those values are?

• As “team” owners or managers, are you a cheerleader? It does improve employee attitudes and motivates the team to win!

SMG is an organization that is laser focused to help the Independent Safety Equipment Specialist, and it is all about winning business!

“Velocity is no substitute for direction or purpose.” / John Blanchard