Who has “safety authority” at the end-user customer? Is it the safety director or the purchasing department?

Does the end-user customer have a “Safety Culture” that is recognized all the way from top management down to the employee on the shop floor?

Does that “safety authority” understand the importance of procuring safety products and supplies that have “brand authority”?

Do they purchase these items from a company that has these same values or culture? What kind of distributor has a “Safety Culture”? Is it a distributor that sells rope, dope and soap? Or is it the independently owned safety equipment distributor?

The term “safety specialist” is thrown around today in very loose terms; is it a 20-hour class, a 40-hour class and then all of a sudden you are a “safety specialist”?

I hope I can answer that question for you! 

The independently owned safety equipment distributor has a passion for a “Safety Culture” and understands the product that goes into the box that goes to the end-user customer. They have the relationships with manufacturers of safety equipment, especially the ones that have “brand authority.”

Is the end-user customer looking for “value-added services”? Well, that is what the “safety specialist” is all about; that is their sweet spot!

Safety Marketing Group (SMG) is a buying-marketing group of independently owned safety equipment distributors that are dominant in their own market. There is an advantage to belonging to SMG if you are committed to a “Safety Culture” and have “safety authority” in your marketplace. Our Preferred Suppliers have “brand authority” and offer our distributors the best opportunity to service the end-user customer and provide all the “value added services” that they need and require.